About Us

LAKSHYA  ART  FOUNDATION: Is  established  by us to strongly believe in the need to support  communities and families belongs to physically challenged people including girls children, women, students, and old persons,  who are suffering from different kind of physical Disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, Orthopedically Handicapped, Learning Disability and many more .  Recently our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has declared such community as ‘DIVYANG ‘  society.

Lakshya Art Foundation believes in Rehabilitation and self made  of such persons by giving them self confidence  and  providing them  with skills and making them capable of earning and leading a fruitful life with dignity and respect.

For our activities , we have created two  departments and in both department, all our artist and students are God gifted and they work accordingly as follows:

Arambha Creation:- In this all our students are specialist in creating Arts and paintings. They are making various items like office stationery , corporate gifts, festival gifts and many more along with various types art work and paintings.hand-made


Sargam Musical Orchestra: This is our finest and popular area of foundation. We have various artists like singers, dancers, musicians and different kind of stage performers, with their excellent talents.

We have done many programs of both department on festival like Gudi Padwa and  other festivals of Maharashtra. We have also performed our program with renowned NGO like Rotary club and Senior Citizen club.


Every such person has the right to have place in normal society . Your support goes long way in helping foundation to achieve the Lakshya of  LAKSHYA ART FOUNDATION.